Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Room Manager is an All-In-One meeting room booking software solution that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is on a different site, location.

In other words, Room Manager 365 effectively does away with the possibility of double-booked rooms thanks to its efficient and advanced booking engine which checks for a given date and time if the resource like a meeting room is free.

With access by permission, your workforce can easily see what is available, where, and when and book single or multiple rooms on the fly. Room Booking was never made easier. 

Meeting Room Booking
  • Room Manager is built for SharePoint and Office 365. All you need is an Office 365 subscription from Microsoft.
  • Room Manager has the following additional features which can be purchased separately

As a result Room Manager as well includes categories for any kind of resource you want to manage like cars, equipment, catering, workspaces, parking, and visitors.

You can invite attendees or send Outlook Meeting requests to the attendees.

Approval Workflows can be easily configured to send the request to an approvers or manager.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Utilization

“Room utilization”, which is also referred to as “space utilization,” “facility utilization,” or more generically as “resource utilization,” is a measure of operational effectiveness that figures prominently in several industries, but is of special significance in:

Some practices play a role in room utilization. The first is optimizing room utilization – ensuring that meetings are taking place in rooms of the appropriate size, that meetings and events are distributed across your rooms so no space is over/underused, etc. The second is to minimize no-shows so that space that could be used isn’t left empty. And then facility utilization reporting lets you document room utilization.

As Room Manager runs on the Microsoft Power Platform it integrates with Power BI. Dashboards and Reports can be created easily.

Read more Integration with Power BI.

Workspace Management / Desk Booking

For companies striving to cut costs by optimizing the use of their existing assets, tracking workspace utilization is critical. Workspace Management helps your team to plan and book your shared workspace resources. “Alternative workspace (or workplace) management” refers to the process of ensuring that your mobile workers can quickly and efficiently reserve a workspace when they are in the office. These spaces can include cubicles, shared offices, conference rooms, “touchdown” areas, etc.

Read more about Hoteling and Hot Desk Booking

Workspace / Hoteling management and its present high demand.

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Enterprise Keywords / Room Keywords / Room Properties / Amenties

Add enterprise keywords to items likes rooms, catering, equipment, etc. on a SharePoint site so that they can use the keywords for tagging and to develop a folksonomy. Enterprise keywords are a good way to categorize and tag any items and resources. To make it easy for users to find the right resource by filtering with the keywords.

Sample of a room keyword

Room Name: Appolo Room

Site: New York

Location: 5th avenue

Room keywords: 4-seats, Glas View, 1st floor, with catering, AV, Flipchart, VIP Room, Zoom Room, Accessibility,  

As a Room Manager Administrator, you can now tag any content. with Room Manager we have rooms, cars, equipment, parking places, workspaces, etc. which are the content, we call them categories, so you can easily remember, classify, or share it with others. You can tag on the Room Manager SharePoint site your rooms for a sample when you apply a tag, your users can filter by this tag later, and filter down the search results for a specific room, which has for sample the tag “4 seats”. this way you help your users, to discover and find the right content, making the resource booking experience much easier.

Equipment Booking

Room Manager’s equipment booking enables users to order any kind of equipment as audiovisual equipment at the time of booking a meeting room.

These days, most meeting facilities are fitted with basic audiovisual equipment as standard. However, there are always occasions when an extra flip chart, or overhead projector, may be useful.

Room Manager enables the user to order equipment at the time of booking the room, or separately at a later date.

Where does sit? Room Manager Interactive Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plan

NEW! Share Point integrated floor and office plan booking. Admin uploads and adds the floor plans to SharePoint.

Users can access through the SharePoint site the available floors by site and location.

Filter by keywords the amenities and book the resource.  


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