Ideas Go In Solutions Come Out

ACAR (Swiss-based company near Zurich) offers a full suite of room scheduling, meeting and event management, shared workspace management (Desk Sharing, Workspace Sharing) solutions built on SharePoint, and all about Office 365.

Many clients across various industries in more than 12 countries use our software to book space, reserve resources like meeting rooms, book equipment, manage workspaces, and invite visitors in combination with other services.

Meeting Room Management made easy

When we started the company in 1999 in Switzerland, we had a simple project with Microsoft SharePoint for a client. The requirements: create a simple room booking solution based on SharePoint. It was then called SharePoint Team Services, then MOSS 2007, then finally SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and SharePoint Online with Office 365.

With SharePoint, we have grown and added more and more features.

Today Room Manager is a comprehensive solution for resource booking.

What you’ll get from us:

1. Restless curiosity
We like the challenge, change, and to be continual learning. We are independent thinkers, constantly curious about the world and how to make it better for everyone.

2. Creativity
We bring together the brightest minds to inquire, problem solves, invent and achieve the best outcomes.

3. Human focus
We never lose sight of the human impact of our actions and the responsibility that this entails.

4. Respect
We are inclusive, respecting the environment and everyone we work with, and valuing all people and cultures equally.

For investors

Suppose you are exploring investing in workplace mgmt. Space is particularly interested in an all-in-one platform that streamlines operationally heavy workflow for teams around scheduling and driving efficiency, and you think RoomManager could be uniquely positioned.

The ease of use, integration, and depth of functionality in terms of robust booking/reservations, flexible signage and display, visitor mgmt (intuitive sign-in, dashboard), desk mgmt, interactive floorplans, as well as analytics to understand usage and where to lean in, etc. is attractive to you. There is a clear ROI with a single pane of glass for multiple industry use cases, and you see the opportunity here…

Please feel free to contact us. Our CFO will be happy to connect with you and discuss the opportunity.