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Etypharm: Streamlined Office Space Management with Room Manager

The Challenge

Etypharm, a prominent pharmaceutical company, grappled with challenges in office space management, resource allocation, and employee scheduling. A seamless and efficient room and resource booking system became crucial in the hybrid work era.

A standout advantage of RoomManager’s desk and room booking system is its interactive floor plan management feature. This user-friendly tool allows employees to easily book resources like desks, meeting rooms, and parking slots. The interactive floor plan simplifies the reservation process, making it more intuitive and efficient for users to find and book the needed resources.

The Solution

Etypharm opted for RoomManager’s desk and room booking solutions, which offered:

  1. Interactive floor plan booking: This feature enabled users to visually reserve resources like desks and parking spots, simplifying the booking process.
  2. Mobile desk booking app: This allows employees to reserve desks and resources on the go, helping staff manage their schedules and workspaces efficiently.
  3. Microsoft 365 integration: The seamless integration with Microsoft 365 made RoomManager a perfect fit for Etypharm’s existing IT infrastructure.

The Results

Etypharm saw significant benefits after implementing Room Manager:

  1. Enhanced employee satisfaction due to streamlined desk booking and resource management.
  2. Cost savings and increased efficiency through optimized office space usage.
  3. Measurable ROI using RoomManager’s desk booking solution.
  4. Interactive Floor Plan Management: User-Friendly Advantage
  5. Mobile App for Parking Slot Booking: Convenient Advantage for Employees

Another notable advantage of Room Manager’s solution is the mobile app for parking slot booking. This feature offers employees the convenience of reserving parking spaces on the go, making planning their commute and arrival at the office easier.

Key benefits of the mobile app for parking slot booking include:

  1. Time Savings: With the ability to book parking slots via the mobile app, employees can secure their parking spaces ahead of time, avoiding the hassle of searching for an available spot upon arrival at the office.

  2. Reduced Stress: Knowing that a parking slot is reserved in advance can alleviate the stress associated with commuting and parking, allowing employees to focus on their work and be more productive.

  3. Increased Employee Satisfaction: The convenience of the mobile app for parking slot booking contributes to overall employee satisfaction, as it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to providing a seamless and efficient working environment.

In conclusion, Room Manager’s interactive floor plan management and mobile app for parking slot booking offer significant advantages to organizations and employees. These features streamline the reservation process, optimize space utilization, and promote a more satisfying work experience. By incorporating these elements into their desk and room booking system, Room Manager delivers a comprehensive solution that caters to the diverse needs of today’s modern workspaces.

World Bank: Empowering Workspace Management with Room Manager

The Challenge

The World Bank in Washington, D.C., an international financial institution providing financial and technical assistance to developing countries, faced difficulties managing their office space, resources, and employee schedules. An efficient, scalable, and secure room and resource booking system was essential for smooth operations and optimal facility usage.

The Solution

The World Bank chose RoomManager’s desk and room booking solutions, which featured:

  1. Power Platform integration: RoomManager’s seamless integration with Microsoft’s Power Platform enabled the World Bank to utilize existing applications, automate processes, and create custom workspace management solutions.
  2. Security: RoomManager’s integration with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform provided an added layer of protection to safeguard sensitive information and minimize data breach risks.
  3. Power BI integration: RoomManager’s integration with Power BI allowed the World Bank to visualize and analyze workspace data effectively, enabling data-driven decisions for office space usage and resource allocation.
  4. Microsoft Cloud, Governance, and Compliance: A Key Advantage
    Another significant advantage of RoomManager’s desk and room booking system is its seamless integration with Microsoft Cloud, allowing enhanced governance and compliance. Microsoft Cloud offers various tools and features that enable organizations to manage and protect their data effectively, ensuring they adhere to industry regulations and standards.

The Results

The World Bank experienced significant benefits after implementing RoomManager:

  1. It improved employee collaboration and communication through streamlined room and resource booking.
  2. Enhanced efficiency in office space management, enabled by Power Platform integration for customization and task automation.
  3. It increased adaptability to evolving requirements, as the Power Platform facilitates tailored solutions to address specific needs.
  4. Strengthened security measures, as RoomManager’s integration with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform provided robust data protection.

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