Room Manager FAQ


Yes, absolutly. Room Manager runs only on Office 365.

Power Apps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development.

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The question is, if Room Manager Power Apps solution can run under a PowerApps Portal.

What is PowerApps Portal?

With PowerApps Portals, the ability to build low-code, responsive websites which allow external users to interact with the data stored in the Common Data Service.

Room Manager is not supporting CDS. As this is another approach. But we are considerung this archtitecture in the future.

As Power Automate is used to trigger flows, which are build for Room Manager. The question is, if there are limits of the number of flows. This depends on the subscription plan E3, E5 etc.

Limits and configurations 

As an option you can buy for 15$ from Microsoft unlimited number of flows for your company. Please contact us, if you have any questions related to your PowerAutomate subscription plan.

Buffer time can be set for your desk bookings likewise for other resources like cars for sample. Means, that an additional time period, which you can define in the configuration settings. This buffer time is added to the end-time of the event. This buffer time is used by many companies for cleaning the room, desk or the car.

The Mobile App has been built using the Power Platform in combination with SharePoint Online and therefore O365 licenses (E1, E3, E5, F1) are sufficient. 

The Room Manager app and solution is built on the Power Platform. The app and the solution will be installed on your tenant which means that all of the security and governance measures you have put in place will be respected. Room Manager does not collect or process your data.

Yes, see the answer on the previous question. Since the solution/app is installed in your own tenant all of the regular Microsoft GDPR / AVG measures  are respected. Please visit the Microsoft trust center for more information.

Exchange Online

Many companies manage the meeting rooms as classical resource exchange mail boxes. Means, that each meeting room has an email address, like [email protected] The Room Manager Outlook Add-In can be as well used with the Room Finder in Outlook. Exchange is the master for your meeting rooms. All rules, policies for exchange meeting rooms are managed by Exchange. 

Exchange on-premise is not supported with Room Manager

Absolutly, you can manage your meeting rooms directly in Room Manager. Like for any other kind of resources, all is managed under the Room Manager site under site contents.

There is no limitation. Room Manager is the master for your meeting room booking. Employees can make bookings from the online form and use as well the Room Manager Outlook-Add-In


The Room Manager solution runs on your Office 365 tenant using SharePoint Online. Room Manager is a SharePoint based solution

We don’t support SharePoint on premise. You need an Office 365 subscription with SharePoint Online

Yes, all our mobile solutions for Mobile resource booking, visitor sign-in and Conference room display are build with PowerApps

Yes, you need to configure external access to your SharePoint site. Please find the Microsoft documentation about External access sharing here: external-sharing-overview 

Visitor Management

Many options. The visitor can check in with QR Code, which has been received with the inviation mail. Unexpected people, guests, visitors can check-in without the QR code by entering data into the form on the tablet. A QR code is created and can be printed out.

Yes. the visitor management solution of Room Manager allows the recepionist to see who is expected by accessing the visitor list. All visitor related data are found. Searching by visitor name, host, event, check-in and check-out status is shown. 

Yes, a visitor pass can be printed out

Yes, it can be set mandatory that a visitor needs to sign an NDA or any other company based policies prior to the sign in

Expected visitors receive with the invitation email and the QR code a link to the Health Ceck. This can be opened on the phone and a couple of questions are presented to the person.

Unexpected visitors can scan a QR code at the lobby and preregister by taking the questionnaire

Yes, a notification is send to the host once the visitor has checked-in at the reception.

Outlook Add-In

The Room Manager Outlook Add-In is a separate module that can be installed on your Outlook desktop or Outlook on the Web in O365. The RM Outlook Add-in allows you to send an Outlook Meeting Request, with rooms, equipment, catering, and all other categories/resources needed for the event directly from Outlook.

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It is a user based license you need for each employee who wants to use the OAI from Microsoft Outlook Desktop or Outlook Calendar on the Web.

The OAI works only with the Room Manager solution. You cannot use the OAI without the Room Manager solution.

We use the centralized deployment for Office Add-Ins. This is the newest technology Microsoft provides for the deployment of the Office Add-In.

Deploy and publish Office Add-ins – Microsoft Docs

The Microsoft 365 admin center makes it easy for an administrator to deploy Office Add-ins to users and groups within their organization. Add-ins deployed via the admin center are available to users in their Office applications right away, with no client configuration required. You can use Centralized Deployment to deploy internal add-ins as well as add-ins provided by ISVs.

Publish Office Add-ins using Centralized Deployment via the Microsoft 365 admin center


We provide 2 versions of the RM OAI.

Exchange OAI version: is used, when you manage your meeting rooms in Exchange, as classical exchange room mailboxes.

Non-Exchange OAI version: with this version you don’t manage your meeting rooms in exchange, but in Room Manager site itself.

All your other resources like cars, equipment, catering etc. are managed in Room Manager under the site contents

Interactive Floor Plan

Absolutly, you can just upload your floor plans as image files to Room Manager Site. If you don’t have any exisiting floor plans, you can create them using powerpoint or visio or any other tool which let you draw easily such a plan. If you need assistance, please let us know, we can assist you.

This is one of the big advantage Room Manager has, you can update changes to your floor plan and the available desks, or rooms esily. Check out more under Interactive floor plans

The Interactive Floorplan booking is an SharePoint App. We developed it using the SharePoint Framework (SPFX). It contains 3 web parts which are used. One for creating new floorplans, one for modifiying floor plans and finally the User Interface for the users to book a free space on the florrplan.


Yes you can. All resources like desks and rooms and spaces are managed in a SharePoint list under site contents.  

Desk Booking

On your tenant on Microsoft 365 all desks are managed in a list. The desk has some predefined fields, which you can use, or add even your custom fields if needed.

All desk bookings are added to the desk reservations lists. 

End users can book a desk (or room) by one of the following channels.

  1. Desk Booking Form (Browser)
  2. Interactive Floorplan (Browser)
  3. Mobile App (PowerApps) which runs on the smarthones


Yes you can. All resources like desks and rooms and spaces are managed in a SharePoint list under site contents.