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Room Manager for SharePoint & Office 365 is an All-In-On Resource Management Solution. You can manage meeting rooms, Cars, Equipment, Catering, Visitors, Parking, and Workspaces. The Outlook Add-In enables the reservation of resources through Microsoft Outlook. Mobile Apps are made with MS PowerApps Technolgy.

Desk Booking

Reduce the available desks​

Adjust your desks for distancing by reducing the number of usable desks and the capacity of meeting rooms. Just block the desks unavailable for a given date and time by site and location.

Create a hybrid workplace for your employees

Hybrid work models have been a hot topic for quite a few years. As a result, companies currently offer their employees flexible work arrangements, with these attractive programs offering employees a greater scope for work-life balance and employers several cost-saving opportunities.

Desk Booking to help manage the return to the office after COVID-19 and maintain safety and flexibility for employees is another topic many companies face today.

One such flexible work program that offers employees greater freedom in their day-to-day working environment is the concept known as ‘desk booking/sharing.’


RM 365


Room Manager

Hybrid Work

Room Manager Channels

Desk Booking made easy

Office Maps

Upload your office plans as image files directly to SharePoint. And start adding Desks.

Desk Booking

Book your desk from the dynamic office map directly

From the Online Booking Form

From the mobile app

Mobile App

Mobile Power App for Desk Booking

Desk Assignment

Different Desk Types can be defined and assigned

Book precisely what you need

Users can book in advance what they need. Desks and meeting rooms are filtered by location and floor. The team leader can assign desks in advance. QR Code stickers are an option to scan the sticker and book ad hoc, instantly the free desk.

The desk can be assigned to departments. However, only employees from the matching department can book a desk.

Employees need to check in and confirm the desk reservation defined by a check-in period by the administrators to prevent no-shows.

Keywords for amenities filtering will help to find a suitable desk. 

QR Code

Scan the QR Code to book the desk instantly

Capacity Planning

Se the maximum number of employees

Notifications & Alerts

Get alerts and notifications on all changes


Use Power BI to run reports and create Dashboards

Hybrid-work is the future

A flexible working environment is a workplace that does not have fixed seating arrangements and gives employees flexibility when and where they work. This is often facilitated via concepts such as hot-desking or hoteling. This article will further illuminate these strategies and review how they are implemented, their drawbacks, and how specific existing tools like Room Manager can be implemented to ensure employees’ success and satisfaction.

Location & Floor Filtering

Filter by location and floor to show available free and booked desks

Find colleagues

Who seats where? Find on the map where your colleagues sit


Check-In rules to prevent no shows

Desk Assignment
Check-In period

Hot Desk, Flex Desk and Sharing

Microsoft Power Platform

Share the ready Power Apps solutions in your company, like Resource Booking App, Conference Room Displays, Resource Booking, Equipment Booking, etc. make it available for the end-user in your company to connect and use through their mobile devices and tablets.