Return to office
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Get back to the office

Room Manager can help your employees and your business get back to the office and support a flexible workplace booking.
Return to the Office. 

Return to office

Workspace management challenges

Work more flexibly, let the user take a survey before they come on-site, allow them to quickly book a desk or space.

Room Manager helps your business revisit the workplace.
Help your users and your business to return to the office and by easing the flexible desk booking in your environment for now and tomorrow.

Everything looks good!

  • Keep track of free and available desks
  • Keep the desks clean by using notification services send
  • Quickly block desks which are bookable by floor and location
  • Define keywords, properties, tags for each workspace for better search add desk images and thumbs
  • Observe who works where for how long and take actions if needed
  • Review your desk and floorplan to ensure your social distancing specifications
  • Take desk offline from the floorplan and only allow users to see and book desks which follows your specifications and requirements for a safe and clean desk and workspace

How you work today and probably tomorrow

Reserve the desk space online before visiting the office add any business logic or flow by PowerAutomate like survey or questionnaire, to make sure you have the statement by the user.

Game change
Before your employees even show up at the office, an unmistakable and straightforward structure of where they sit, work when and for how long will be required for the wellbeing, trust, and viable reasons.

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