Room Manager PowerBi Dashboard
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Integration with PowerBi

All Desk reservations are added to a SharePoint List. The list shows all items with the desk booking details like location, floor, booked by, booked durations, checked in, and status.

Under Integrate you can select Power BI and select Visualize the list

One click - PowerBi Dashboard - Created

This experience empowers SharePoint list and Microsoft List users to easily explore your data. With just a couple of clicks, you’re able to go from looking at a list of data to interacting with an auto-generated report. You’ll find this new option under the Integration menu on any list.

The reports you save and publish back to the list are not visible within the Power BI service. Instead, to make it easy for other list users to find, you’ll find these published reports within the same Integrate menu of the list.

Read more about Creating a Report from a Sharepoint list.


RM 365 Light Version

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