Room Manager

Easily book
  • Catering
  • Equipment
  • Coffee
  • Projector

Resources like Catering and Equipment can be booked by your employees on the fly from the Web Form and from the Mobile App.

Manage all your bookable items in a Sharepoint list.

Book all in one

when you create an event in Room Manager, simply add the catering items you wish for the meeting to the form. Keywords can help to narrow down the available catering items.

Invite your visitor at the same time. 

All events with catering are added to the catering order list and from there once an order drops ins, use PowerAutomate to get approval when needed, or send the catering order with the details to a catering service.

Catering Online Form
Mobile Resource Booking
Mobile Resource app

Simply book the catering from the mobile app


RM 365


Room Manager


The same way you book other resources like equipment and parking slots