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Easily book
  • Catering
  • Equipment
  • Coffee
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  • Parking Slot

Your employees can book resources like Catering and Equipment on the fly from the Web Form and the Mobile App.

Manage all your bookable items in a Sharepoint list.

Catering Order App by Room Manager

Parking Slot Booking

Parking Slot Booking with Room Manager is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the management of parking spaces for employees and visitors alike. This intuitive feature seamlessly integrates into the Room Manager platform, allowing users to reserve parking slots while booking meeting rooms, desks, or other resources.

The system offers real-time visibility of available parking spaces, enabling users to secure their desired slots quickly and easily. Additionally, it allows for the efficient allocation of parking resources, ensuring optimal utilization of available spaces and reducing the hassle of finding a spot in busy office complexes. With Room Manager’s Parking Slot Booking feature, organizations can enhance the overall experience for employees and visitors, improving convenience and satisfaction while streamlining the parking management process.

Catering Order App by Room Manager

Catering Booking

Catering Booking with Room Manager is a highly efficient and user-friendly solution for managing catering orders for meetings and events. This feature enables users to book catering services in conjunction with reserving meeting rooms or other resources, ensuring seamless coordination and organization of events. The catering orders are automatically added to a centralized Catering Order List within the Room Manager platform, providing an easy-to-access overview of all upcoming orders.

Room Manager leverages the power of Microsoft Power Automate to streamline the catering order process even further. Custom flows can be triggered from the Catering Order List, allowing seamless communication between event organizers, catering providers, and other stakeholders. These automated workflows can include sending order confirmations, tracking order status, and coordinating delivery logistics, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced potential for human error.

By utilizing Room Manager’s Catering Booking feature and Power Automate integration, organizations can effectively manage their catering needs while enhancing the overall event experience for attendees. This streamlined process ensures that catering orders are organized and executed flawlessly, leading to successful and memorable events for all involved.

Book all in one

Room Manager is a comprehensive, all-in-one booking system designed to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations. Its intuitive platform allows users to easily manage catering, parking slots, and equipment reservations, streamlining the booking process.

This centralized solution eliminates the need for multiple, disconnected systems, ensuring that all event and resource management aspects are seamlessly integrated. The user-friendly interface simplifies the reservation experience, making it easy for employees to reserve the resources they need for successful meetings and events.

By offering a unified booking system for catering, parking slots, and equipment, Room Manager significantly improves efficiency, organization, and overall user satisfaction within the workplace.

Catering Online Form

When you create an event in Room Manager, add the catering items you wish for the meeting to the form. Keywords can help to narrow down the available catering items.

Invite your visitor at the same time. 

All event bookings with catering are listed in the catering order list. Once an order drops in, we use PowerAutomate to get approval when needed or send the catering order with the details to a catering service.

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