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Room Manager 365
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Power Apps Mobile Phone

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Mobile Apps for Desk Booking. With Floor Plan and Barcode.

Solutions Simplified

All In One Solution

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Management

Room Manager 365 is a meeting room booking software solution that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different site, Location, or even time zone.

Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plan

Real-time availability of desks mapped to your office space. Upload your office plans as image files directly to SharePoint. And start adding desks.

Drag and drop desks. You can work directly on the office map. Take flexible working to the next level with desk booking.

Room Manager 365, RM365 Desk Main, Features

Desk Management

Flexible work programs have been a hot topic for quite a few years now.

Companies currently offer their employees flexible work arrangements, with these attractive programs offering employees a greater scope for work-life balance and employers a number of cost-saving opportunities.

Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add In

Microsoft Outlook is great for scheduling people and meetings, but not so great for scheduling rooms, AV, equipment, catering, and others.

With our Microsoft Outlook Scheduling Software Add-On, scheduling rooms, equipment, and office resources has never been easier.

PowerApps, RM365 PowerApps Resource Booking App

Mobile Resource Booking

All In One resource management and booking.

All shared PowerApps solutions in your company, like Room Finder, Conference Room Displays and Desk Booking, Car Booking, Equipment Booking, Catering Booking are available for the employees in your company to connect and use through their mobile devices and tablets.

Worksplace Main, Features

workplace Management

With Room Manager Desks, your employees can reserve a desk and take a health questionnaire prior to come on-site. Some Key Question to consider for Workspace and Desk Management

Visitor Management

When making a reservation the meeting organizer can invite internal as well as external users to the meeting event. For the external user simply the email address is added to the field. This way you can pre-register their visitors in advance through a simple mouse click. This means the visitor will receive an automatic invitation. This also means the visitor’s details will appear in the list of visitors of the day at the reception.

Optionally a Barcode can be sent with an email invitation.

Features, Car & Vehicle Management

Car & Vehicle Management

As a room, a car is a category, a resource, which can be used with the CAR & VEHICLE MANAGEMENT solution. With the car manager solution, you manage all your cars in different locations to eliminate conflicts and double bookings.

Generate Reports: Capacity, Status, Availability, Usage, and many more. Export to Excel, Connect Car Manager Calendar with Outlook. Billing and Invoicing (optional) The Booking Form can be customized with your custom fields Content Approval, Reject, Pending, and Approved status for Car requests made by users.


Return to the office

Room Manager can help your employees and your business get back to the office and support a flexible workplace booking.

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