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Room Manager Review

Having a flexible and supportive workspace is important for the increased productivity of your employees. Room manager is an all-in-one platform for the management of your business, including a range of online resource booking for rooms, spaces, catering, equipment, parking spaces, and integrated visitors management. It also supports Office 365, helping companies to use this strategic platform for the deployment of new solutions based on SharePoint in an efficient way for the next level of resource booking in workspace and desk management experience. Especially the return to office situation which is a challenge for many companies to track, monitor, and analyze the space usage with the occupancy settings and contract tracing is integrated.

I recently used the platform and it is safe to say that I was utterly pleased. The following review is based on my experience and focuses on why I think it is a great resource to use.

What I liked

In an active workspace, having regular meetings is important. However, previously the meeting rooms would be booked for days, making it challenging for me to get a space. I usually had to cram employees into my office and explain everything. Room Manager solution has made this extremely easy. I can book meeting rooms days in advance. Further, I am always up to date with my bookings and cancellations, in case I have to make arrangements. The overall process is also pretty simple. After the initial setup, there were not many major tasks that I had to perform to make the tool functional.

Another feature that stood out to me was the new desk management features. Working in a company that gets interns twice a year, desk management was an issue. Especially due to the COVID pandemic with a hybrid setting. Since the employees used to come in two shifts, permanently assigning desks was not optimal. With the Room Manager solution, they could easily book their desks and end them once done easily through the mobile resource app. The vacancies were constantly updated so everyone got the chance to get a workspace.

Room Manager focuses on the user experience. From the interface to setup, everything is optimized for the everyday user. Featuring small vertical flows and a minimalistic design, it is very easy to navigate. I could get from one feature to another in just 3-4 clicks. Moreover, the PowerApps makes everything even more simple. I have used several other tools and the PowerApps feature is not common in most. The apps can be downloaded on phones and tablets, which increases accessibility. I could do everything from my phone and did not have to open a laptop for booking a desk, which was pretty great.

What I did not like

While the overall platform works amazing, there were several glitched I noticed. The PowerApps which come with the solution are great and we keep learning. They are operable, however, sometimes if changes were needed we would get stuck. In terms of functionality, they were great, however, not everything is possible in PowerApps, it is a low coding platform and there are limitations to add new features, screens, and functionality. So we would need internally an PowerApps developer to extend the mobile functionality if needed. The same goes for the Power Platform with the PowerAutomate and PowerBI integration.

Secondly, you need to take into account that for change requests you need to pay. Which is ok for an OUT-OF-THE-BOX solution which is designed for many different clients and industries. Their response was very quick. Moreover, it was a little new experience for us that this can cost additionally, which you need to know. I got an idea of my issue, but I had to figure out how to solve it with the out-of-the-box functionality in SharePoint.


To sum up, Room Manager is a great tool for your resource management tasks. It can make working in a company extremely easy. Whether it is booking a room, a desk, or scheduling a conference, the platform can do everything for you in just a few clicks! Visitor Management integration with QR Code invitation is great. The Room Manager Outlook-Add-In is another component we would not like to miss anymore. The interactive floorplan integration makes the update and management of floor and office plans simple for us. We were using a cloud-based solution before and were dependent on changes from the solution provider. With Room Manager, we really can do all these things ourselves, and last but not least all runs on our Office 365 tenant. GDPR, governance, policy regulations are no longer an issue.

The Future of Workspace Management.
Mary Singer
Workspace Business Analyst