Return to office

With Room Manager Desks, your employees can reserve a desk and take a health questionnaire before coming on-site.

Some Key Questions to consider for Workspace and Desk Management:

  • How many desks are available right now?
  • How are requests processed and reservations
  • What are confirmation standards in place?
  • How can employees change or cancel their
Return to office
Return to office

Health Questionnaire

Employees must complete their health questionnaire and meet your criteria to reserve a desk in the office. All replies are saved backed by MS Forms, and triggers can be defined easily with Microsoft PowerAutomate.

  • Block the user
  • Approve / Disapprove
  • Create a pass with Barcode
  • Custom triggers that meet your criteria
  • Send Notifications to HR

Book single or multiple desks

The booked desk will be assigned for a single or multiple days. People can see where they are sitting that day. The floorplan shows in green the available free desks.

Return to office

Room Manager helps your business revisit the workplace.

Before lockdown

assigned desks
occasionally working at home
no preservation of the desk
just come to the office and sit down for a free desk. no checking in, no checking out, no cleaning, and no sanitization


Many employees will remain working from home due to safety and reduced desk availability in the office.
Search for free desks by location and floorplan.
After checking out from the desk, send notifications for cleaning services using Power Automate.
Take a survey & questionnaire online on the app before booking the space.
With the help of the Return to office feature, Add custom flows with Power Automate to meet your business logic.

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Companies believe that technology is key to planning the return to the workplace

Not too long ago, we lived in a pretty different world. We didn’t wear masks. We queued up in crowded lobbies and spent much more time in the workplace. Some clients put it very well here when they talk about the need for self-awareness and communication as we look back to the workplace.

Having said that, some of these changes are related to Covid-19, but others are not flexible working. So, for example, now that’s been getting more and more popular, and Covid-19 has just helped compound that, for instance, is something companies have been struggling to adapt to for some time, whether that’s the rise of remote working or the increase in the number of contractors working in a much less predictable way and many companies don’t have the solutions to offer that flexibility to their employees or visitors confidently, and that’s a real problem because this new hybrid world is here to stay now we carried out a survey with leading businesses in commercial real estate and in response to these challenges 80% said they think technology is going to be vital in managing this new world of work.

Setting up the workplace for tomorrow​

People come into the same place, work, and usually leave at the exact times. Still, with the trends we looked at before and Covid-19, that approach doesn’t work anymore, so that’s why Room Manager lets you give your employees, visitors, and contractors the flexibility to access the workplace when it makes sense to them. So, for example, they can book the day they want to come in, save a desk and then receive a digital code that gives them access on the day that key could work by scanning a QR code at a kiosk or an access control system.

Health Check at the lobby

Before they get that access, you can ask them health screening questions (Health Check) and only give them access if they comply with your health and safety regulations. This type of screening will continue to play an important role in workplace safety …they can check in by scanning the QR code on the screen. It’s swift and effortless to implement.

Visitor invite email with QR code