Car & Vehicle Management for SharePoint and Office 365

As a room, a car is a category, a resource, which can be used with the ROOM MANAGER solution.

With the car & Vehicle management solution, you manage all your cars in different locations to eliminate conflicts and double bookings.

Vehicle Scheduler by Room Manager: Advanced Booking for Office Cars and Fleet Management


Generate Reports: Capacity, Status, Availability, Usage, and many more. Export to Excel, Connect Car Manager Calendar with Outlook.

Billing and Invoicing (optional)

The booking Form can be customized with your custom fields

Content Approval, Reject, Pending, and Approved status for Car requests
made by users.

Support for Custom Workflows (SharePoint Designer)

Car Manager periodically runs on the usage and destination of vehicles. Mileage traveled each month and annually by vehicle

Utilization – with many report functions build in

Mileages traveled by each project, the formula applied to calculate cost generated in format can easily be added by custom formula.

  • Usage by department
  • Usage by car
  • Usage by driver
  • Check-In / Check-Out with fault indication
  • Check-In / Check-Out without fault indication
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Who can book a car
  • Vehicle booking rules and policies

Mobile Power App available

Manage all your cars & vehicles cross locations

Manage all cars

Manage all your cars & vehicles cross locations


Check-In the car after usage with indication fault or no-fault

Define rules

Define rules when for how long certain cars can be booked (Short term vehicles: bookable for 24 hours max) (Short term vehicles: bookable only 1 week in advance)

Planned Maintenance

Service Interval Alerts and Warnings can be configured and set up for each car


Dashboard about car usage with different reports

Vehicle Scheduler by Room Manager: Advanced Booking for Office Cars and Fleet Management
Sample Dashboard

Clear booking information

Car Manager helps you avoid reservation or resource conflicts by displaying who booked the car and how long for, letting everyone know when the vehicle or resource will become available.

Each device gathers data from the CAR MANAGER to help you make informed decisions on how best to use your car & vehicle pool.

Reports and Analytics help you furthermore to optimize the usage of the resources.