Why You Should Use A Desk Booking App For Your Office

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Have you ever wondered why more and more people are choosing desk booking over the traditional task of booking meetings? Have you ever wondered what types of people could use desk booking? Do you need special software?

Let’s face it – booking a conference room or meeting space is not a pleasant experience. There is no central hub for facilities management to see if all rooms are booked or not and who booked them. You have to go through Outlook to see which rooms are free and then process everything manually. This means that you have to set up appointments one by one, and there is a lot of potential for misunderstanding and double bookings.

Automated Desk Booking

ROOMMANAGER new desk and room booking software is a simple and powerful tool that helps you manage your workspace more efficiently. All you need is a Microsoft 365 subscription. Desks and meeting rooms can be quickly booked by a form, an App or visual floor, or office plan. All bookings are automatically recorded on the ROOMMANAGER dashboard, so you can see how space is being used at a glance. Desks and rooms can be configured for hot-desking, making it easier to facilitate flexible working arrangements.

These solutions are particularly useful in coworking spaces, where it is important to know who is using which space at any time.

But as workers look for greater flexibility and as employers seek to reduce overhead costs, companies still need to maintain their physical office spaces. New business models have emerged to address this issue (more on that later), but today’s most common approach is to use office space more effectively.

One way to do this is by implementing a desk booking system in your company. This solution enables you to assign desks on an ad hoc basis across your organization.

No more worries about desk shortages or overbookings

With our desk and room booking solution, your employees can easily find open desks or rooms at any time in any location. This way, you will reduce desk shortages and overbookings, as well as improve the utilization of your available office space.


  • Improve the utilization of your office space

  • Less stress for employees who are looking for an available desk or room

  • A better experience for employees and visitors

  • Reduce desk shortages and overbookings

  • Increase employee satisfaction

  • Keeps your staff safe and entertained with one-click services such as cleaning, food delivery, and guest check-ins

Desking is the future of working. And things are changing here, too. No more worries about desk shortages or overbookings, no more cumbersome booking processes: with our modern workplace management solutions, we make your office fit for the digital age.

In the hybrid model of work, companies are using a mix of office and remote workers

RM365 Interactive Floorplan 2

The way we work has been forever changed by COVID-19. Organizations are now more comfortable with remote work than ever before, and the future of work is no longer an office-based affair.

Hybrid work will be the new normal, with many organizations adopting a mix of office and remote workers.

As we start to return to our workplaces, many of us will have some degree of reservation about doing so. To make our return as smooth as possible, there are several things that can be done to make us feel safe and comfortable in the office again.

From a technology standpoint, we’re already seeing software platforms that allow for desk and room booking so that you don’t accidentally bump into someone when you arrive at the office. They even let you know if someone’s desk is unoccupied for a long time so that it can be sanitized before someone else sits there.

And companies are setting up their offices with social distancing in mind, blocking off every other desk and changing how they use common spaces like break rooms or meeting rooms.

For all the talk about remote work is the future, a recent survey by Gartner found that only 2% of executives want to make their workforce entirely remote. A majority — 69% — want to adopt a hybrid model in which employees would work both in the office and remotely.

“Hybrid work is much more complicated than just sending people home,” says John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half. “The workplace will evolve from what it is today.”

Companies have begun to realize that remote workers can’t do everything from home, says Peter Hinssen, chairman and co-founder of Nexxworks. “We need to start building a new world where this is a combination of different modes.”

Does that mean companies are going to have to think about how they manage their offices: How many people can be in the office at once? How do you manage desk and room booking? How do you manage catering? And how do you ensure that colleagues can focus while they’re there?

This has created a need for apps that can adapt to this new work environment.

One of the solutions that has emerged is the desk booking app. This type of software offers users a way to reserve and book desks, rooms, and other workspaces. Desk booking apps also include features that allow teams to see who is working in real-time, so they can coordinate meetings with ease.

Desk booking apps are useful for businesses that operate in an office space and want to give employees the ability to book desks or other workspaces. They are also useful for businesses that have remote employees and need a way to coordinate meetings between on-site and remote workers.

One of the problems with the return to work is social distancing. A desk booking app can help ensure that there’s no overcrowding in an office area, which would compromise health and safety procedures. The app doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to implement — all that’s needed is a way for employees to indicate which desk they’re going to occupy on a given day.

A good desk booking app should be able to track the attendance and occupancy of employees.

Employees are the driving force of any business, and the workplace is where it all happens. Employees spend a lot of time at their desks, so it’s important to make sure that everyone has a desk to work at.

Desk booking apps have become popular in collaborative workplaces, where employees don’t work at their own desks every day. There are several desk booking apps on the market today, but how do you know which one is right for your company?

A good desk booking app should be able to track the attendance and occupancy of employees. This information can be useful for management when planning events or meetings. A good desk booking app should also allow users to book their own desks, rather than having someone else do it for them.

Desk booking apps are a great way to track the occupancy of employees. This helps you to reserve space for employees who need to work in a particular area.


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