Workspace Management Changing World

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A changing world

Setting up the workplace for tomorrow

Setting up touchless check-in for visitors and even employees if needed

Preparing for employees to return to work

  • Easily grant access to employees
  • Keep out, anyone, with symptoms
  • Respect occupancy limits
  • Know who’s there in real-time
  • Make it seamless
  • Track Interactions
  • Managing unexpected visitors

Setting up the workplace for tomorrow

Return ready solution

Grant access to your employees

  • Invite employees to download the Room Manager App
  • Enable Interactive Floor Plan booking if needed, to see who sits where
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Companies believe that technology is key to planning the return to the workplace

Now not too long ago we lived in a pretty different world we didn’t wear masks we queued up in crowded lobbies a lot of us spent much more time in the workplace.

Many companies put it very well here when they talk about the need for self-awareness and communication as we look to go back to the workplace.


Now having said that some of these changes are related to Covid-19 but others not so much flexible working for example now that’s been getting more and more popular.

This is something companies have been struggling to adapt to for some time whether that’s the rise of remote working which we have experienced in our careers or the increase in the number of contractors working in a much less predictable way and many companies just don’t have the solutions to confidently offer that flexibility to their employees or visitors and that’s a real problem because this new hybrid world is here to stay now we carried out a survey with leading businesses in commercial real estate and in response to these challenges 80% said they think technology is going to be key in managing this new world of work.

So bearing that in mind I’m going to show you some examples of how Room Manager can help you do just that so what’s new well in our next release you can now access a whole set of brand new employee and visitor features which let you do everything listed here and depending on your situation you might already have access to all of these.

People came into the same place worked and left usually at the same times but with the trends, we looked at before and Covid-19 that approach doesn’t work anymore so that’s why Room Manager lets you give your employees the flexibility to access the workplace when it makes sense for them they can book the day they want to come in save a desk and then receive a digital code that gives them access on the day that key could work by scanning a QR code at a kiosk or an access control system.

Now before they get that access you can ask them health screening questions (Health Check) and only give them access if they reply in line with your health and safety regulations this type of screening is going to continue to play an important role in workplace safety …they can check-in by scanning the QR code that appears on the screen it’s really fast and really easy to implement

Social Distancing and occupancy feature

It’s also a very visible way of showing your employees just how seriously you take their health something else you can do to avoid crowded lobbies people touching hardware now this works by letting employees check-in from their phones as soon as they’re within making sure there aren’t too many people on-site so that you can enforce social distancing is another must-have our occupancy feature (coming soon) lets you set a limit to the number of employees allowed and enforce it so no one can book a place when limits have already been reached and knowing who’s there. I mean who’s actually there and checked-in not who booked the place but didn’t end up coming in is really important that’s why with the SharePoint employee list and Visitor list you get a real-time view of who’s actually there and checked in across multiple locations that are important for populating the emergency list and being able to communicate with everyone if there’s an issue

Contact tracing

But also for contact tracing planning and reporting purposes and for potential audits speaking of contact tracing Room Manager lets you do just that you have a log of who was on location in the past and who they shared the space with if one of them tests positive for Covid-19, for example, you can then contact everyone that was there with them and let them know there’s a risk they picked it up don’t worry they won’t be told who tested positive and finally while it’s great to plan everything ahead sometimes it’s not always possible.

Touchless check-in

That’s why we’ve developed touchless check-in for unexpected visitors basically drop-ins can arrive unannounced.

Scan a QR code on the kiosk with their phones and then they’re taken through a web-based version of the check-in flow so health screening questions, NDA- signing whatever it is you choose to Include they can compete in the lobby without having to touch anything but their phones.

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