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RM365 Interactive Floorplan 2

Visual Floor Plan

Interactive Floor Plans Previous Next The beauty of a visual office and floor plan booking system lies in its manifold advantages. At the heart of it is a convenience it offers to IT

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Room Manager PowerBi Dashboard

Integration with PowerBi

Harnessing the Power of Room Manager and Power BI for Optimized Office Space Management In today’s fast-paced business world, managing office resources efficiently and effectively is more important than ever. With an increasing

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Software Implementation Plan

Methods for your software implementation plan Create an efficient software implementation plan and avoid any pitfalls during actual implementation. The absence of a detailed software implementation plan can result in unrealistic expectations, overlooked

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Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists mobile App for iOS and Android Learn more about Microsoft Lists Lists is simple, smart, and flexible The Microsoft Lists app for iOS (MC232966) will let you access your SharePoint lists

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Capacity Planning

Daily occupancy (coming soon) Let’s look at the capacity planning and occupancy settings in Room Manager. Daily occupancy, in this case, let’s see we have in the office 200 seats/desks so let set

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Visitor Email Invitation with QR Code

QR Code send with the visitor invitation Use Case A / Expected visitors Invite your visitor by sending an Email invitation and add the QR code to the email body. Visitors can check-in

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Workspace Management Changing World

A changing world Setting up the workplace for tomorrow Setting up touchless check-in for visitors and even employees if needed Preparing for employees to return to work Easily grant access to employees Keep

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